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Newsletter Great Place to Work is one in which you trust the people you work for, have pride in what you do, and enjoy the people you work with - according to Robert Levering, co-founder Great Place to Work. An inspiring vision, which we share and support with our Drive Your Talents and Leadership Development programs.

Great workplaces are created when the business leaders take full ownership of the challenge, and involve everybody in the organisation. In this newsletter, we want to share some of this inspiration and our experience with you!

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Richard's Corner
Newsletter alent Management …… and Leadership

Every Management and HR (online) magazine I have received during the last 12 months contains at least one article related to Talent Management: the importance of identifying people´s real talents, developing it, finding ways to maximising usage, and of course to retain it. It´s extremely encouraging that this has become a “hot topic” because understanding how to do this, and then making it happen, is an essential key to success for all organisations irrespective of their size or industry.
However, I find 2 things rather disconcerting about all that I read: read more
Drive Your Talents Case Study
Newsletter rive Your Talents exceeded the expectations of Euroclear in Scandinavia. The results have been fantastic, says Anso Thiré, CEO Euroclear Sweden and Finland.

For Euroclear’s Scandinavian businesses, implementing a personal development program known as Drive-Your-Talents created a more harmonious working environment within the newly merged subsidiaries. The Communicum program began an ongoing process of creating insight and self-awareness for employees………… more.
Newsletter n every newsletter you’ll find a book tip from Communicum. This time it’s “The Trust Worthy Leader” by Amy Lyman.

The Trustworthy Leader brings a fresh perspective to the executive leadership conversation, exploring how and why great leaders build and maintain a foundation of trust with employees and how that trust benefits the organisation. Through powerful stories and interviews with top executives, readers gain a new understanding of what it means to truly lead businesses from people who run some of the best workplaces in the world.

Lyman is cofounder of the Great Place to Work® Institute.
Order this book
Food for thought
Newsletter 'm an optimist in the sense that I believe humans are noble and honourable, and that everybody has great talents. I have a very optimistic view of individuals.

— Steve Jobs

[ Communicum Songtip April ] 
Cheerful song from The Babysitters Circus, nice clip with flashmob
[ Congratulations SAS Belgium ] 
For the fourth time in a row, SAS Belgium ranks in the top 3 in this list, this year taking first place! Congratulations to SAS, we are very proud to provide an on-going contribution to your success with ourDrive Your Talents Program, from 2008 until now.
[ Feedback Engine ] 
The 2 most essential inputs for effective and rapid personal growth are self-reflection and feedback from others….but people don´t have a lot of time to do this. So we´ve developed an easy-to-use and highly pragmatic software tool to help you to do this very quickly, The Feedback
Engine. The information you gather using this tool (personalised to your needs) will enable you to easily and rapidly identify areas for potential growth, to enhance your personal
performance. For more information:
[ About Communicum ] 

Communicum provides unique training and coaching programs to enable companies, teams and individuals to realise more of their full potential.

Our programs:
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